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Brand new Irish alternative band. Based in Dublin, this exciting new 4 piece have been exciting audiences with unique blend of acoustic tracks with a hint of electro. The new group have been making waves in Ireland and beyond with most of there future touring coming up in UK, Germany, USA and all over Asia.

They formed in late march of this year, with their very first show in the famous Olympia Theatre in Dublin to a sold out crowd. Following the show they released their video for their debut track 'Home'. An emotionally and honest track, done in a unique way. The video was taped in a one shot format in a castle ballroom. Having such a large room the band used the natural reverb and stomped and clapped for there percussion, having a fantastic result.

Each member having years of experience in the media industry bring a different style and knowledge to the table which makes them unique and infectious to watch and listen to.

The future is very exciting for The City and Us so keep an eye out for them … cause they will be in your city very soon.


Sunday 6th August 2017 @ 19:45 - 20:15


Omnibus Theatre, 1 Clapham Common North Side, London SW4 0QW





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Facebook: /thecityandusband
Twitter: /cityandus
YouTube: /thecityandus
Instagram: /thecityandusband

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